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Quality Surgical Loupes Designed For Students

You deserve a quality surgical loupe that will provide you with decades of service. At uso medical you are not just purchasing our loupes, you are getting a dedicated team of staff that will assist you well after a sale occurs. We understand the struggles of being an independent student and the barriers to entry into the medical field, so let us support you on your journey to success! With us, you won’t feel like a number!

So why purchase our surgical loupes?

Free online consultation to figure out which loupe best fits your needs. Two week trial to test out real quality loupes. 25% student discount off all our equipment. Unparalleled customer service, even after your warranty expires.

State Of The Art Optical Systems

Surgical loupes are an important tool for students to grow, learn and succeed in the medical field. Uso medical provides surgical loupes with state-of-the-art lenses that offer excellent image definition. These lenses are made up of high-grade optical crystal glass, making them durable and long-lasting. With such precise optics, students can become surgical masters in class and in practice.

Eyecare Quality Assurance

Uso medical is committed to providing the highest quality surgical loupes for students. We perform rigorous quality assurance testing on every single pair of our loupes before they are shipped to ensure they meet our high standards. Our loupes are designed to provide superior clarity and comfort, and we back up our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Ergonimic And Lightweight Design

Ergonomic design is important for students who plan on using surgical loupes for prolonged hours. The weight distribution of the loupes should help reduce pressure on both the nose and neck. This allows our loupes to be worn comfortably for procedures that may take many hours. We have found through feedback that students that purchase loupes from other companies soon encounter these pain points – the student is required to move their head up and down owing to no adjustable magnification or adjustable declination angle. This causes pressure on the neck and nose due to many hours of use, ultimately this is not a good investment as students now need to search for a company that fixes those pain points and spend again. At uso medical we did the research and we have fixed those issues and that’s why our loupes are the best on the market. Purchase a pair today!

One-Time Investment

Our loupe is a perfect one-time investment that can see students through all of their years at medical school or in the operating room. Our durable design and timeless look make it all the more worth it. With our loupes, the flip up design allows users to adjust the interpupillary distance as needed. So, for the student that may need to change their glasses prescription on a yearly basis, this would make purchasing surgical loupes an expensive affair. That one-time purchase saves you both time and money!

Adaptable Magnification

Uso medical's surgical loupes are designed with up to 6x magnification that offers a clear, crisp image of the object being viewed. This allows students and surgeons alike to see clearly while they work on cadavers or patients to ensure accuracy of those delicate procedures.

NTZ-BLS-1 (1.5X - 2.0X)

$1,390.00 - $1,450.00

NTZ-BLS-1 (1.5X - 2.0X) W/Headlight

$2,580.00 - $3,040.00

NTZ-BLS-2 (2.0X - 2.5X)

$1,690.00 - $1,790.00

NTZ-BLS-2 (2.0X - 2.5X) W/Headlight

$2,980.00 - $3,380.00

NTZ-BLS-3 (2.5X - 3.0X)

$1,390.00 - $1,490.00

NTZ-BLS-3 (2.5X - 3.0X) W/Headlight

$2,580.00 - $3,080.00

NTZ-BLP-4 (4.0X - 4.5X)

$1,590.00 - $1,690.00

NTZ-BLP-4 (4.0X - 4.5X) W/Headlight

$2,780.00 - $3,280.00

NTZ-BLP-6 (5.5X - 6.0X)

$1,590.00 - $1,690.00

NTZ-BLP-6 (5.5X - 6.0X) W/Headlight

$2,780.00 - $3,280.00