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NTZ-BLP-6 Loupes (5.5X - 6.0X) - USO Medical
NTZ-BLP-6 Loupes (5.5X - 6.0X) - USO Medical
NTZ-BLP-6 Loupes (5.5X - 6.0X) - USO Medical
NTZ-BLP-6 Loupes (5.5X - 6.0X) - USO Medical
NTZ-BLP-6 Loupes (5.5X - 6.0X) - USO Medical
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NTZ-BLP-6 (5.5X - 6.0X)


    The NTZ-BLP-6 prismatic loupe delivers the highest level of magnification (4.5X to 6.0X) in Neitz's BL series of surgical loupes. It is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and unmatched manufacturing precision honed over decades of experience in optics.

    • Magnification: 5.5x to 6.0x
    • Adjustable Working Distance: 21.65” to 13.78” (550mm to 350mm)
    • Field of View: 1.57” to 4.72” (40mm to 25mm)
    • Adaptable
    • Color Combinations: Sylver-Blue / White-Green / White-Pink / Black-Gray
    • Mounting Options: Headband and Frame
    • Unbreakable
    Magnification 2.0x - 2.5x
    Working Distance 21.65in - 13.78in (550mm - 350mm)
    Field of View 4.45in - 2.28in (113mm to 58mm)
    Accessories Nose Pad NEO
    Forehead Cushion NEO
    Shield NEO
    Lens Cloth
    Carrying Case NEO
    Nose Pad for Eyeglasses
    Cushion Tube
    Loupe Frame Strap
    Philips Screw Drivers (2 pieces)

    How to Use


    Compatible with personal glasses or goggles

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    • Adjustment Settings

    • 1
    • Height and Angle

    • 2
    • Nose Pad

    • 3
    • Detachable Shield

    • 4
    • Pupil Distance

    • 5
    • Working Distance

    Comfort and Precision

    Surgeons understand the crucial role of comfort during surgical procedures in achieving successful outcomes. Neck and back strain often accompanies procedures requiring precise movements over extended periods. The NTZ-BLP-6 prismatic loupe addresses this challenge with its innovative design. Its lenses can be angled downward, allowing users to maintain an upright posture while effortlessly looking down through the eyepiece. This design is facilitated by the NTZ-BLP-6's adjustable depth of focus (550-350 mm), accommodating variations in surgeon height and patient position.

    Additionally, the lenses are independently adjustable, enabling surgeons to tailor the loupe's visual properties to their individual eyes. This makes the NTZ-BLP-6 prismatic loupe accessible to all, providing maximum comfort during prolonged surgical procedures.

    In addition to its high magnification and modular design, the NTZ-BLP-6 prismatic loupe has another impressive feature that sets it apart from other surgical loupes in the market - its narrow field of view (FOV) diameter of 40 to 25 mm. This feature is particularly useful in microsurgery, brain surgery, breast surgery, hand and foot surgery, ophthalmology, and other procedures that require focusing on a small area with perfect clarity. The NTZ-BLP-6 achieves this level of clarity through its Japanese manufactured optics, which offer excellent light transmission and zero aberrations. With these features, the NTZ-BLP-6 provides clinicians with the tools they need to perform complex surgeries with precision and accuracy.

    NEO Frame

    The NTZ-BLP-6 prismatic loupe recognizes the importance of ensuring maximum comfort for clinicians during procedures to deliver optimal patient care. Like other products in the BL series, this device offers two modular frame options designed to meet specific clinician needs. The NEO frame is ideal for those prioritizing flexibility, lightweight construction, and personalization. Weighing just 71 grams and available in various colors, it allows clinicians to personalize their equipment. The NEO frame evenly distributes weight across the forehead, nose, and strap, ensuring comfort during extended use. It features a nose pad to reduce pressure and allows quick return to position after being flipped up.

    With the NEO frame, clinicians can work confidently and comfortably, equipped with a functional tool. Combined with precision optics and exceptional magnification, the NTZ-BLP-6 prismatic loupe is an ideal choice for surgical procedures where comfort, clarity, and accuracy are paramount.

    NEO Frame

    Excellent fit with moderate "flexibility"


    For users seeking a secure and comfortable way to use the NTZ-BLP-6 prismatic loupe during procedures, the device offers a headband option. This headband is secured to the user's head with straps that wrap around and over the head, ensuring the device remains stable throughout the procedure. Additionally, the lens framework can be tilted downward, allowing users to find a comfortable position with minimal head or neck movement.

    The headband option provides a lightweight and soft fit, enabling clinicians to work for extended periods without discomfort. Offering stability across the entire head, it is an excellent choice for those prioritizing comfort and security when using the NTZ-BLP-6. Whether performing brain surgery, hand and foot surgery, breast surgery, or ophthalmology, the headband option provides the peace of mind and comfort necessary to perform at their best.

    Adjustable Working Distance (21.65" to 13.78")

    The NTZ-BLP-6 prismatic loupe is a surgical loupe that offers unparalleled customization options, ensuring each user can optimize their performance during procedures. Its working distance can be easily adjusted from 13.78" to 21.65", allowing users to focus on different areas without constant repositioning. This feature ensures the device remains consistently in focus, regardless of the task at hand.

    Additionally, the NTZ-BLP-6 prismatic loupe features independently adjustable lenses, accommodating users with various eye conditions. This precise customization allows every user to work comfortably and effectively, confident in providing optimal care to their patients.


    This truly ergonomic loupe provides you with a neck tilt angel of less than 20 degrees to avoid paint at work. In addition, the ability to adjust magnification and field of view reduces unnecessary leaning, eliminating undue strain on your shoulders, back, and neck.

    Other Features

    The modular design of the NTZ-BLP-6 prismatic loupe offers a great solution for clinicians performing surgical or dental procedures while using loupes. Compatibility with different glasses frames or goggles is an essential factor to consider, and the NTZ-BLP-6 is designed to accommodate various frame types. This feature ensures that clinicians can use their preferred glasses frames or goggles while using the loupes, enhancing their comfort during the procedures. The adjustable working distance is another useful feature of the NTZ-BLP-6, allowing users to focus on different areas of the mouth without the need to move their head excessively. Clinicians who wear glasses or goggles will find this feature particularly beneficial as they can maintain a comfortable position while using the loupes. Overall, the NTZ-BLP-6 is a versatile and compatible choice for clinicians who want to use their preferred glasses frames or goggles during surgical or dental procedures.

    *Compatible with any personal glasses frames or goggles

    Camera SC-1

    Attaching the Neitz Camera SC-1 to the NTZ-BLP-6 prismatic loupe can significantly enhance the capabilities of this versatile device. The camera captures high-quality images and videos of the examined area, providing users with a powerful tool to improve documentation quality. It adjusts easily to capture different angles and perspectives, further enhancing its versatility. Compatibility with the NTZ-BLP-6 allows users to elevate their work and achieve superior results.

    *Camera sold separately