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NTZ-BLS-3 Loupes with Illumination (2.5X - 3.0X) - USO Medical
NTZ-BLS-3 Loupes with Illumination (2.5X - 3.0X) - USO Medical
NTZ-BLS-3 Loupes with Illumination (2.5X - 3.0X) - USO Medical
NTZ-BLS-3 Loupes with Illumination (2.5X - 3.0X) - USO Medical
NTZ-BLS-3 Loupes with Illumination (2.5X - 3.0X) - USO Medical
NTZ-BLS-3 (2.5X - 3.0X) W/Headlight
NTZ-BLS-3 (2.5X - 3.0X) W/Headlight
NTZ-BLS-3 (2.5X - 3.0X) W/Headlight
NTZ-BLS-3 (2.5X - 3.0X) W/Headlight
NTZ-BLS-3 (2.5X - 3.0X) W/Headlight
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NTZ-BLS-3 (2.5X - 3.0X) W/Headlight


    The NTZ-BLS-3 surgical loupe offers the highest degree of magnification (2.5X to 3.0X) available in Neitz's BL series of Galilean surgical loupes. Expertly machined in Japan to exacting standards, the NTZ-BLS-3 is a versatile surgical loupe suitable for a wide range of medical specialties. Combining the recommended uses of the NTZ-BLS-1 and NTZ-BLS-2, it excels in plastic surgery, orthopedics, kidney surgery, and ophthalmology. Furthermore, its increased magnification and reduced field of view diameter (78 to 38 mm) make it particularly well-suited for cardiovascular and brain surgery.

    • Magnification: 2.5x to 3.0x
    • Adjustable Working Distance: 21.65" to 13.78" (550mm to 350mm)
    • Field of View: 3.07” to 1.50” (78mm to 38mm)
    • Adaptable
    • Color Combinations: Sylver-Blue / White-Green / White-Pink / Black-Gray
    • Mounting Options: Headband and Frame
    • Unbreakable
    • Lux Intensity: NSI-X 80mm (100,000 lux) / NSI-X 100mm (84,000 lux) / NS-III (40,000 lux)
    • Portable
    Magnification 2.0x - 2.5x
    Working Distance 21.65in - 13.78in (550mm - 350mm)
    Field of View 4.45in - 2.28in (113mm to 58mm)
    Accessories Nose Pad NEO
    Forehead Cushion NEO
    Shield NEO
    Lens Cloth
    Carrying Case NEO
    Nose Pad for Eyeglasses
    Cushion Tube
    Loupe Frame Strap
    Philips Screw Drivers (2 pieces)

    How to Use


    Compatible with personal glasses or goggles

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    • Adjustment Settings

    • 1
    • Height and Angle

    • 2
    • Nose Pad

    • 3
    • Detachable Shield

    • 4
    • Pupil Distance

    • 5
    • Working Distance

    • 6
    • Illumination

    Excellence in Ophthalmic Optics with the NTZ-BLS-3 Surgical Loupe

    Over its illustrious fifty-year history in the field of ophthalmic optics, Neitz has established itself as a prominent industry leader both in Japan and internationally. The NTZ-BLS-3 lenses are meticulously manufactured and thoroughly inspected to ensure impeccable quality. These lenses boast outstanding light transmission and are free from any aberrations. The NTZ-BLS-3 surgical loupe and BL line further distinguish themselves with their precision machining, setting them apart from competitors in the market.

    With its remarkable adaptability, the NTZ-BLS-3 surgical loupe offers users the flexibility they need without the need for costly specialized equipment. These lenses, proudly made in Japan, can be easily adjusted to fit the unique facial shape and interocular distance of any individual. Moreover, each lens can be rotated to accommodate various visual impairments. Once these adjustments are made, the lenses provide precise targeting capabilities within a working distance of 19.68 to 13.78 in. Additionally, the lenses can be angled downward, enabling users to maintain proper posture with a straight back and upright head position, effectively minimizing the risk of neck and back strain.

    NEO Frame

    Comfort is of utmost importance when providing optimal care to patients, and the NTZ-BLS-3 surgical loupe recognizes this fact. Alongside other offerings from the BL series, it presents two customizable frame options designed to cater to your specific requirements. Among these, the NEO frame stands out as an exceptional choice. Weighing a mere 71 grams , it boasts flexibility, lightness, and a range of color options to add a personal touch to your practice. The NEO frame intelligently distributes the device's weight across three key points: the forehead, nose, and strap, ensuring a comfortable fit even during extended periods of use. Furthermore, the nose pad is specifically designed to alleviate the burden on the nose, and the device features a convenient function that allows it to effortlessly return to its original position, even when flipped up. With the NEO frame, healthcare professionals can confidently carry out their work, knowing they have a comfortable and functional tool at their disposal.

    NEO Frame

    Excellent fit with moderate "flexibility"


    During procedures, the NTZ-BLS-3 surgical lopue offers a headband option that ensures secure placement on the user's head. The headband is attached with straps that go around and over the head, preventing the device from shifting. Moreover, the lens framework can be adjusted to tilt downward, enabling users to find a comfortable position without excessive head or neck bending. By choosing the headband option, clinicians can enjoy a lightweight and soft fit, allowing them to work comfortably for extended periods. The headband provides stability throughout the entire head, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a secure and comfortable method of using the NTZ-BLS-3 surgical loupe during procedures.

    Adjustable Working Distance (21.65" to 13.78")

    The NTS-BLS-3 surgical loupe is built on the same framework as the rest of the BL series and comes standard with industry-leading customizability. The easily adjustable working distance allows users to focus on different mouth areas without having to move. The limited range of the working distance means you will never find yourself out of focus when you need it most. In addition, each lens is independently adjustable, making the NTZ-BLS-3 surgical loupe accessible to people with different types of eyes and eye conditions.


    This truly ergonomic loupe provides you with a neck tilt angel of less than 20 degrees to avoid paint at work. In addition, the ability to adjust magnification and field of view reduces unnecessary leaning, eliminating undue strain on your shoulders, back, and neck.


    The NTZ-BLS-3 surgical loupe is compatible with a range of illuminators, including the Neitz NSI-X, known for its exceptional brightness, and the NSI-III, a lightweight and versatile option that operates on rechargeable batteries or disposable AAs. By attaching either of these illuminators to the device, you can maintain hands-free operation while ensuring precise illumination exactly where you need it – directly on your focal point.

    Lux Intensity

    Lighting Portability

    The housing of the battery pack easily fits most jacket pockets, and the long cable connecting it to the LED illuminator makes it effortless to use and carry. This design avoids placing all the weight on the nose and makes it comfortable for any duration of use.

    Other Features

    When using loupes for surgical or dental procedures, it's important to consider compatibility with personal glasses frames or goggles. The NTZ-BLS-3 sugical loupe offers a solution with its modular design that can accommodate different frame types, ensuring that users can work with their preferred glasses frames or goggles. Additionally, the NTZ-BLS-3 surgical loupe offers an adjustable working distance, which allows users to focus on different areas of the mouth without needing to move their head excessively. This feature is particularly useful for those who wear glasses or goggles, as they can maintain a comfortable position while using the loupes. With its compatibility and versatility, the NTZ-BLS-3 surgical lopue is an excellent choice for clinicians who want to work with their preferred glasses frames or goggles during surgical or dental procedures.

    Camera SC-1

    The NTZ-BLS-3 surgical loupe is a versatile device that can be used in conjunction with a variety of other products to enhance its capabilities. One such product is the Neitz Camera SC-1. By attaching this camera to the NTZ-BLS-3 surgical loupe, users can capture high-quality images and videos of the area being examined. The camera easily attaches to the device, and can be adjusted to capture different angles and perspectives. This compatibility provides users with a powerful tool that can help to enhance their work and improve the quality of their documentation. With the ability to attach the Neitz Camera SC-1 to the NTZ-BLS-3 surgical loupe, you can take your work to the next level and achieve even greater results.

    *camera sold separately